Streamline flows for white matter fibre pathway segmentation in diffusion MRI

Savadjiev P, Campbell JS, Pike GB, Siddiqi K

Med Image Comput Comput Assist Interv 2008;11(Pt 1):135-43

PMID: 18979741


We introduce a fibre tract segmentation algorithm based on the geometric coherence of fibre orientations as indicated by a streamline flow model. The inference of local flow approximations motivates a pairwise consistency measure between fibre ODF maxima. We use this measure in a recursive algorithm to cluster consistent ODF maxima, leading to the segmentation of white matter pathways. The method requires minimal seeding compared to streamline tractography-based methods, and allows multiple tracts to pass through the same voxels. We illustrate the approach with a segmentation of the corpus callosum and one of the cortico-spinal tract, with each example seeded at a single voxel.