Atomoxetine increases fronto-parietal functional MRI activation in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: a pilot study

Bush G, Holmes J, Shin LM, Surman C, Makris N, Mick E, Seidman LJ, Biederman J

Psychiatry Res 2013 Jan;211(1):88-91

PMID: 23146254


We hypothesized that atomoxetine (ATMX) would produce similar brain effects in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as those of methylphenidate (MPH). Eleven ADHD adults performed the Multi-Source Interference Task (MSIT) during functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) at baseline and after 6 weeks of ATMX treatment. ATMX was associated with increased fMRI activation of dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, parietal cortex and cerebellum but not dorsal anterior midcingulate cortex (daMCC). These results suggest that ATMX and MPH have similar but not identical brain effects.