Shape analysis based on depth-ordering

Hong Y, Gao Y, Niethammer M, Bouix S

Med Image Anal 2015 Oct;25(1):2-10

PMID: 25980389


In this paper we propose a new method for shape analysis based on the ordering of shapes using band-depth. We use this band-depth to non-parametrically define a global depth for a shape with respect to a reference population, typically consisting of normal control subjects. This allows us to globally quantify differences with respect to “normality”. Using the depth-ordering of shapes also allows the detection of localized shape differences by using α-central values of shapes. We propose permutation tests to statistically assess global and local shape differences. We further determine the directionality of shape differences (local inflation versus deflation). The method is evaluated on a synthetically generated striatum dataset, and applied to detect shape differences in the hippocampus between subjects with first-episode schizophrenia and normal controls.