Reversed temporal region asymmetries of P300 topography in left- and right-handed schizophrenic subjects

Holinger DP, Faux SF, Shenton ME, Sokol NS, Seidman LJ, Green AI, McCarley RW

Electroencephalogr Clin Neurophysiol 1992 Nov-Dec;84(6):532-7

PMID: 1280199


The auditory P300 evoked potential was recorded in 36 subjects: left- (LH) and right-handed (RH) schizophrenic males and LH and RH normal controls. LH and RH normals showed no asymmetry in P300 scalp topography. LH and RH schizophrenics, however, showed lateralized asymmetries in temporal scalp regions: left < right P300 voltage asymmetry in RH schizophrenics and left > right P300 voltage asymmetry in LH schizophrenics. These data suggest that the schizophrenic pathology of P300 neural generators is lateralized according to handedness and provide the first evidence that LH and RH schizophrenics can be dissociated based on left-right voltage asymmetries in P300 topography. These findings further emphasize the need for control of handedness in P300 studies of schizophrenia.