Olfactory sulcal depth and olfactory bulb volume in patients with schizophrenia: an MRI study

Nguyen AD, Pelavin PE, Shenton ME, Chilakamarri P, McCarley RW, Nestor PG, Levitt JJ

Brain Imaging Behav 2011 Dec;5(4):252-61

PMID: 21728040


The current report used structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to objectively measure olfactory bulb volume and olfactory sulcal depth in patients diagnosed with chronic schizophrenia and healthy controls. Additional measures were obtained to assess olfactory function. The olfactory bulb and sulcus were manually traced on structural 3T MRIs for 25 right-handed male patients diagnosed with chronic schizophrenia and 25 matched male healthy controls. A sub-set of subjects received the University of Pennsylvania Smell Identification Test (UPSIT). Olfactory bulb volume was significantly decreased in patients with schizophrenia compared to healthy controls, as was their performance on the UPSIT. Additionally, a positive correlation was seen in patients between right bulb volume and UPSIT scores. Overall, our findings support earlier research studies showing morphometric and functional changes in the olfactory system in patients with schizophrenia.