Neuroimaging findings and brain-behavioral correlates in a former boxer with chronic traumatic brain injury

Handratta V, Hsu E, Vento J, Yang C, Tanev K

Neurocase 2010 Apr;16(2):125-34

PMID: 19967598


Chronic traumatic brain injury (CTBI) is associated with contact sports such as boxing. CTBI results from repetitive blows to the head rather than from a single impact. CTBI individuals present with motor symptoms (incoordination, spasticity, parkinsonism), cognitive impairment (executive dysfunction, memory deficits) and neuropsychiatric symptoms (irritability, affective disturbances). The structural and functional neuroimaging findings and clinical presentation of a CTBI case are described. We propose hypotheses about the pathophysiology of the observed neuroimaging findings and their relationship to the neuropsychiatric symptoms of the patients.