MRI-Based Topographic Parcellation of Human Neocortex: An Anatomically Specified Method with Estimate of Reliability

Caviness VS, Meyer J, Makris N, Kennedy DN

J Cogn Neurosci 1996 Nov;8(6):566-87

PMID: 23961985


Abstract We describe a system of parcellation of the human neocortex, based upon magnetic resonance images, that conserves the topographic uniqueness of the individual brain. Subdivision of the neocortex, according to this system, is based entirely upon the configuration of a specified set of cerebral landmarks, principally neocortical fissures. These are present but unique in the details of their configurations in each individual brain. We introduce here a computer-assisted algorithm that ensures that a skilled investigator can execute the parcellation routine in a manageable period of time. Secondly, we outline a comprehensive set of conventions that specify how the boundaries of parcellation units are defined by anatomic landmarks. The average interobserver agreement in voxel assignment to parcellation units within the overall neocortex was 80.2%.