Locally-Constrained Region-Based Methods for DW-MRI Segmentation

Melonakos J, Niethammer M, Mohan V, Kubicki M, Miller JV, Tannenbaum A

Proc IEEE Int Conf Comput Vis 2007;:1-8

PMID: 23857521


In this paper, we describe a method for segmenting fiber bundles from diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance images using a locally-constrained region based approach. From a pre-computed optimal path, the algorithm propagates outward capturing only those voxels which are locally connected to the fiber bundle. Rather than attempting to find large numbers of open curves or single fibers, which individually have questionable meaning, this method segments the full fiber bundle region. The strengths of this approach include its ease-of-use, computational speed, and applicability to a wide range of fiber bundles. In this work, we show results for segmenting the cingulum bundle. Finally, we explain how this approach and extensions thereto overcome a major problem that typical region-based flows experience when attempting to segment neural fiber bundles.