Lateralized P3 deficit in schizotypal personality disorder

Niznikiewicz MA, Voglmaier MM, Shenton ME, Dickey CC, Seidman LJ, Teh E, Van Rhoads R, McCarley RW

Biol. Psychiatry 2000 Oct;48(7):702-5

PMID: 11032982


BACKGROUND: Reduced, left-lateralized P3 amplitude has been reported in several studies focusing on electrophysiologic function in schizophrenia. Also, several lines of evidence suggest a similarity between schizophrenia and schizotypal personality disorder (SPD). This study was undertaken to determine the replicability of our previous finding of a left-lateralized P3 amplitude deficit in SPD.

METHODS: We recorded event-related potentials in 21 SPD and 18 normal control subjects in an auditory “oddball” P3 paradigm.

RESULTS: In the SPD subjects, but not in the control subjects, there was lower P3 amplitude at T3 compared with T4.

CONCLUSIONS: These results are similar to the ones in our previous work and further support the presence of a left-lateralized P3 deficit in SPD.