A MRI study of fusiform gyrus in schizotypal personality disorder

Dickey CC, McCarley RW, Voglmaier MM, Niznikiewicz MA, Seidman LJ, Frumin M, Toner S, Demeo S, Shenton ME

Schizophr. Res. 2003 Nov;64(1):35-9

PMID: 14511799


The fusiform gyrus is important for face and object recognition, is abnormal in schizophrenia, but has not been studied in schizotypal personality disorder (SPD). Thin-slice MR images showed no differences, either in right, left or total fusiform gyri volumes, between subjects with SPD (N=21) and normal controls (N=19). However, there was a correlation between severity of illusions and magical thinking suffered by the SPD subjects and smaller right fusiform gyrus volumes. This suggests that future studies may be useful in determining the functional competence of this gyrus in SPD.