Angle-Preserving Mappings for the Visualization of Multi-branched Vessels

L. Zhu, S. Bouix, S. Haker, K. Siddiqi, A. Tannenbaum
Pages 945-948

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In this note, we employ a conformal mapping technique to flatten tubular structures with multi-branches for visualization of MRA and CT volumetric vessel imagery. This may be used for the study of possible vessel pathology or virtual colonscopy for polyp detection. The method is based on a discrete Laplace-Beltrami operator to flatten a tubular surface onto a planar polygonal region in an angle-preserving manner. In this method, a thinned prunned medial surface(or skeleton) is used for the vessel partition.


Zhu L, Bouix S, Haker S, Siddiqi K, Tannenbaum A. Angle-preserving mappings for the visualization of multi-branched vessels. In icip. 2002;945-948.

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