Technical Report 502

Martha E. Shenton, Marek Kubicki, Robert W. McCarley

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This Technical Report provides information on details of image acquisition and image processing tools in addition to the region of interest (ROI) definitions for brain regions often used in schizophrenia research. It is a "snapshot" of current image acquisition and processing procedures and our intended alterations in the near future as we move to use of 3 T scanners at all sites. The ROI definitions are based on several different studies that span over many years. Of note, with improved spatial resolution in the images, and with improved segmentation procedures for classifying different tissues, the reliability and accuracy of our measurements have increased over time. Training on ROIs for small brain ROI, are, however, nonetheless still labor intensive and time consuming, and are based on the use of specific MR data sets that are used for reliability purposes and included in our ROI library. These training ROIs are from our most state-of-the-art images, using the most state-of-the-art segmentation procedure, and as such, are periodically updated based on changes in either spatial resolution and/or segmentation algorithms. Of note, this Appendix is considered multipurpose in our two laboratories, and is used by several investigators for their own individual grant applications. It was originally written by Drs. Shenton and McCarley, but multiple individuals have contributed to the ROI definitions, most of which are now published, and the appendix has been revised multiple times with the help of many investigators.


Shenton ME, Kubicki M, McCarley RW. Technical report 502. Technical report, VA Healthcare System, 2009.


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