Fiber Bundle Estimation and Parametrization

M. Niethammer, S. Bouix, Carl-Fredrik Westin, M. E. Shenton
Volume 4191, Pages 252-259
October, 2006

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Individual white matter fibers cannot be resolved by current magnetic resonance(MR) technology. Many fibers of a fiber bundle will pass through an individual volume element(voxel). Individual visualized grid, and an infinite number of them may be generated in a given volume by interpolation. This paper aims at creating a level set representation of a fiber bundle to describe this apparent continuum of fibers. It further introduces a coordinate system warped to the fiber bundle geometry, allowing for the definition of geometrically meaningful fiber bundle measures.


Niethammer M, Bouix S, Westin CF, Shenton ME. Fiber bundle estimation and parametrization. In miccai, volume 4191 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Copenhagen, Denmark: Springer, 2006;252-259.


VA Merit Review(MES) 2000-2008, U54 EB005149, REAP, VA Merit Award(SB), VA Merit Award(CFW), NIH/NIMH K05 70047, NIH RO1 MH50747

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