Geodesic-Loxodromes for Diffusion Tensor Interpolation and Difference Measurement

Kindlmann, R. San Jose Estepar, M. Niethammer, S. Haker, C. F. Westin
Volume 4791, Pages 1-9
October, 2007

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n algorithms for processing diffusion tensor images, two common ingredients are interpolating tensors, and measuring the distance between them. We propose a new class of interpolation paths for tensors, termed geodesic-loxodromes, which explicitly preserve clinically important tensor attributes, such as mean diffusivity or fractional anisotropy, while using basic differential geometry to interpolate tensor orientation. This contrasts with previous Riemannian and Log-Euclidean methods that preserve the determinant. Path integrals of tangents of geodesic-loxodromes generate novel measures of over-all difference between two tensors, and of difference in shape and in orientation.


Kindlmann, Estepar RSJ, Niethammer M, Haker S, Westin CF. Geodesic-loxodromes for diffusion tensor interpolation and difference measurement. In miccai, volume 4791 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Heidelberg, Germany: Springer, 2007;1-9.


U41-RR019703, NIH P41 RR13218, NIH/NIMH 2RO1 MH50740, RO1 NIMH MH74794, R01 AG20012-01, NIH P41 RR15241-01

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